Dominican Shrimp  Fried Rice Chofán de Camarones

Season cleaned and deveined shrimp with adobo.

Cook chopped carrots until tender. Or other veggies you prefer.

Add a little bit of olive oil in a wok and heat over medium high heat. Add shrimp and cook until opaque.

Once shrimp is cooked, set aside and keep warm.

Add cooked carrots and thawed frozen peas. Cook for a couple of minutes.

Add chopped onions and mix in well. Cook for a couple of minutes.

Create a hole in the center and add oil.

Add eggs and let them sit for a little bit before you start stirring.

Mix well until eggs are cooked through.

Add Shrimp and stir.

Add cooked white rice and mix well.

Add soy sauce and stir well. Taste and add more as needed.

Top with chopped chives, cilantro and enjoy!