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Pollo Guisado with Spaghetti from Panama

a plate of panamanian stewed chicken with spaghetti.
Lisa’s Pollo Guisado con Espagueti Panameño

What a collaboration this has been! This Pollo Guisado with Spaghetti is a classic Panamanian recipe that I have made and shared with you as a collaboration with Familia Kitchen. We connected and talked about a collaboration. I committed to making one of their websites recipes on my YouTube channel.

When browsing through their site, to choose a recipe, I came across this one. It immediately reminded me of a combination of Dominican Pollo Guisado and Dominican Spaghetti all in one. I was super intrigued and decided, this is the one. Think of love at first sight! There was no turning back for this girl! Off I went!

I was so impressed because I judged the ingredients as it being a very spicy recipe but it was not, it was so full of flavor due to the spices but not spicy hot at all, I was amazed. As a Caribbean, we like lots of flavor but little heat, which made this perfect!

What is Familia Kitchen?

Familia Kitchen honors and celebrates abuelas (grandmas) cooking. They are building a national collection of Latin traditional family recipes. It was founded by two strong women entrepreneurs hungry for home, living in Chicago. So you know when we ladies want something, we are going to get it!

First, let’s meet Kim Caviness who grew up in Santurce, Puerto Rico to a Puerto Rican mom and American dad, and loves cooking for family and friends. Next, we meet Lisa Hunt Stevens who is from San Diego, is a world traveler who has been to more than 18 Central and South American countries and Caribbean islands. She knows her way around a taco de pollo asado (please pile hers high with queso, guac and cilantro), green enchiladas and chilaquiles. These two amazing women are about to take over the way we look at traditional Latin home cooking. And they are going to make sure you are doing it right! Which is why I love them so much!

For more information on Familia Kitchen click the link below.

Ok, so here you go! Let’s meet LISA and make her Pollo Guisado with Spaghetti recipe from Panama!

Full Recipe below! ????

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