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Mexican White Queso Dip in a cast iron skillet. A blue tortilla chip it being topped with it, with a spoon. You can see the cheese being super gooey and string as it is pulled to go on the chip.


Dominican Pica Pollo


Skirt Steak with Chimichurri. Here you see the skirt steak sliced and laid out in two rows with chimichurri sauce in the center of each row. You can also see the Casa m Spice container next to the platter.


Cheese and Sweet Plantain Stuffed Pork Chops. In this picture you can see 2 stuffed pork chops looking super juicy and shiny. They are brushed with a ginger, soy sauce, honey, garlic glaze. A piece of it has been cut off and held up with a fork.


Latin Corn Pudding "Majarete" in a small serving bowl dusted with cinnamon and a cinnamon stick as a garnish.


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container of Latin sazon seasoning

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Spanglish Asadero Surf & Turf seasoning next to a small plate with cheesy broccoli fritters. Also a parmesan aioli for dipping.
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Cheesy Broccoli Fritters

Stewed Shrimp Yuca Cup on a wooden tray. You can see the shrimp, tail on in the cup and topped with some chopped cilantro.
Appetizers | Dominican Dishes | Holiday | Recipes | Seafood | Snacks

Stewed Shrimp Yuca Cups

Pancetta Sausage Pasta
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Pancetta Sausage Pasta

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Hi, I’m Belqui and I’m a Food Blogger and UGC Creator based in Arizona.
I create delicious dishes with a personal twist while helping brands build a growth-driving strategy on social media with authentic, engaging content.

I’m a marketing professional and an Autism mom, who knows what it takes to deliver quality content quickly and gracefully. Cooking brings me joy and purpose, and I love sharing it with my family, friends, and the Internet at large through my website and social media.

Proudly of Dominican descent, I was born in New York City and raised between the Dominican Republic and NYC. Now living in sunny Arizona (sunny days are my thing, btw), you’ll find my Caribbean and American upbringing influencing my clever twists on classic recipes from all over the world!

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Fried red snapper whole on a plate with rice, beans and fried green plantains on the left

Dominican Fried Red Snapper

One fried pork chop on a plate with dominican white rice and beans

Dominican Fried Pork Chops

white rice and Dominican beans

Dominican Rice and beans

Flancocho, a mix. of flan and chocolate cake. Sitting on a cake stand with a view of it with a piece missing.


1 dominican fried pork belly strip laying with boiled yuca and a red onion relish over the yuca

Chicharrones – Dominican Fried Pork Belly with Yuca and Onion Relish

A bowl of Mexican beef soup or as called in spanish, Caldo de res. A super healthy and hearty soup perfect to warm you up on a cold day.

Caldo de Res (Mexican Beef Soup)

Italian Glazed Chicken Wings on a plate and a hand is holding a drumstick over the plate.

Italian Glazed Chicken Wings

One fried pork chop on a plate with dominican white rice and beans

Dominican Fried Pork Chops

Flancocho, a mix. of flan and chocolate cake. Sitting on a cake stand with a view of it with a piece missing.


Serving bowl with yellow rice and pigeon peas

Arroz de Gandules, Moro de Gandules

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Beer Stewed Shrimp with shrimp plantain cups
Appetizers | Dinner | Dominican Dishes | Lunch | Recipes | Seafood | Sides

Beer Stewed Shrimp and Plantain Cups

Dinner | Recipes | Sides | Vegetables | Vegetarian

Mustard Crusted Fingerling Potatoes

white beans and sausage
Dinner | Lunch | One Pot Meals | Pork | Recipes

White Beans and Sausage

Quick Beef Tacos Molcajete Dinner - a Mexican molcajete filled with beef, yellow rice, fried panela cheese, guacamole, tortilla chips and lemon wedges. On the side you have corn tortillas and tostadas.
Air Fryer | Beef | Dinner | Holiday | Mexican | One Pot Meals | Recipes

Quick Beef Tacos Molcajete Dinner

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