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How to peel a plantain – green or yellow

How to peel a plantain – green or yellow

In my Dominican culture, plantains are a staple. We have them a lot and cooked in several different ways. Knowing how to peel them is important. Especially if you are cooking for a large amount of people.

Since starting my blog, I get this question a lot: “How do I peel a plantain?”. First, I must make clear that a plantain is not a banana, it looks like one but it is very different. A banana, you can peel with your hand very easily. A green plantain is hard and the skin is very attached so you need a knife. Even a yellow plantain that is much more tender, cannot be peeled by hand. You also need a knife and follow the same directions as the green plantain. Once peeled, you can go in so many directions on how to cook them.

If you go to my blog www.belquistwist.com and enter plantains in the search bar, you’ll see all the options I have shared so far. And yes, there are many more to come, so stay tuned!

Plantain recipes you should try!

Mangú con los Tres Golpes
Fried Green and Yellow Plantains

Where can I find plantains?

I can find them at my local supermarket but they are not as fresh as when I get them at a Latin market or Asian market, so I take a little ride and get them at those places instead. They are usually super green or yellow and look absolutely perfect. I recommend you do the same to get the best quality and state for them.

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