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How to Peel Yuca (yucca)

How to peel Yuca (yucca)

Yucca (yuca) is not the easiest to peel but it is worth every bit of effort. In this video and blog pos you get to see how to peel, how to store and the recipes you can make with them. So make sure to click on the link for those recipes!

What is a yuca (yucca) root?

Also commonly known as cassava, is native to north, central and south america and a dietary staple in Americas and Caribbean. This gluten-free root vegetable is able to survive the winter months or dry months and regrown due to the nutrients stored in its tuberous stem, similar to potatoes and yams.
– source: drbubbs.com


In my area there is no yucca at my local supermarket so when I want it, I go to the nearest Latin market or Asian market. They always have them there. And that also includes green and yellow plantains. Another staple of ours.

You can also find them at those markets in the frozen section already peeled, cut in large chunks and ready to boil. That frozen option is almost just as good as fresh, just a bit drier.

If you are cooking from packaged “store bought” frozen, while frozen, boil, cool and cut into strips. Then proceed with seasoning and baking as directed in recipe directions.


Yucca contains chemicals that might help reduce high blood pressure and high cholesterol. It might also reduce arthritis symptoms such as pain, swelling, and stiffness.

A collage of pictures featuring yuca root recipes.
Yuca (yucca) Recipes

Here are some yuca (yucca) recipes for you to try!

Yuca Fritters (Arepitas de Yuca)
Boiled Yuca with pork belly and onion relish
Baked Yuca Fries

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