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8 Easy Latin Party Appetizers

Latin appetizers are the best for partes, holidays and heck, why not to have a party just for yourself! I say go for it! hahaha You know I’ve got your back! With their Latin flair, each one of these will be a hit at any holiday party, weekend and more.

This is a compilation of 8 of my favorite go to recipes. And if you’d like to watch me make them, you can find them all on my Belqui’s Twist Youtube Channel! No excuses! I will guide you along the whole way!

Let’s go and check out what I’ve got for you.

1. Chorizo Mini Egg rolls

Chorizo filled fried egg rolls

2. Ginger Honey Glazed Baked Wings

Closeup shot of a stack of honey glazed chicken wings

3. Cuban wontons

cuban wonton

4. Beer Stewed Shrimp Plantain Cups

beer stewed shrimp chopped in plantain cups

5. White Corn Guacamole

guacamole with white corn and black beans

6. Latin Beef Empanadas

Beef empanada being held over a platter of empanadas

7. Chorizo Queso Fundido

blue chip with melted cheese on it

8. Latin Style Naan Pork Pizza

naan pizza topped with ground pork mozzarella and olives

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