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15 Cinco de Mayo Recipes You Can’t Resist!

A collage with 4 images. Each is a Mexican recipe I am recommending for Cinco de Mayo. Birria tacos, Birria Ramen, fish tacos made with cod and white Mexican cheese dip.
15 Cinco de Mayo Recipes

Cinco de Mayo’s around the corner, and you know it’s not just about the history books – it’s about that awesome spread on your table. In the States, we go all out with Mexican eats, making it more of a big bash than a history lesson.

I’ve got a killer list of 15 Cinco de Mayo recipes that’ll get your taste buds dancing. Here’s what you’re gonna want to whip up:

Mexican Beef Rice
It’s hearty, it’s filling, and it’ll keep the party going.

Mexican White Queso Dip
Grab your chips; this dip is the real deal. It’s like a magnet at parties.

Shrimp Taquitos Salad
Keep it light without losing the kick.

Beef Birria
It’s the kind of stew that makes you go for seconds… and thirds.

Cooked Beef Birria sitting in a Mexican style clay small serving dish.
Beef Birria

Beef Birria Tacos
Take that stew, wrap it in a tortilla, and watch it disappear.

Beef Birria Ramen
Yep, you read that right. It’s a mash-up that just works.

Chorizo Queso Fundido
Cheese and chorizo, melted and ready for dipping. Say no more.

blue chip with melted cheese on it
Chorizo Queso Fundido

Queso Blanco Burgers
It’s your everyday burger, but with a cheesy Mexican spin.

Queso Blanco Burgers, inspired by Mexico with the use of queso blanco. Its so delicious, you must try it!
Queso Blanco Burgers

Fish Tacos
They’re fresh, they’re full of flavor, and they scream beach vibes.

Beef Tostadas
Crunch your way to happiness with these bad boys.

Pork Carnitas
Slow-cooked pork that’s good any which way you have it.

Sweet Chile Limon Wings
They’ve got a little kick but are totally worth the sticky fingers.

White Corn Guacamole
Because what’s a party without guac?

Chorizo Flatbread
It’s like pizza met a taco and they became best friends.

Beef Molcajete Dinner
It’s hot, it’s got all the good stuff, and it’s named after the tool you make it with.

So throw on some tunes, grab a margarita, and let’s get cooking. Cinco de Mayo’s the perfect excuse to eat well and party with your pals. Enjoy!

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